About Us

We're a family of four (Mom, Dad, a toddler boy, and toddler girl). We moved to Taipei in 2018 from the USA and have been enjoying the adventure of living life abroad.
We'll be blogging about our everyday life since moving to Taiwan and other adventures as we go along. Thanks for checking us out! We'll be updating at least once weekly so please subscribe.
Feel free to ask us questions or suggest what you would like to see us blog more about in the comments below.


  1. Hi Linda! This is Lei Liu, whom you met during the Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action. I graduated from Cornell University and I was part of the Cornell Chinese Christian Fellowship. I am really moved by the fact that you are willing to give up a tenure-tracked position to move to Taiwan to serve God. May God bless you, Philip and your children.

  2. Hi Linda, I am Stephy from Penang, Malaysia. I going to move to Taipei with my husband and 2 kids (6y and 2y). May i contact you to have more insights?

  3. Hi linda :) I recently came upon your lovely blog , and have found it very interesting, especially since we live in xiaobitan . I wanted to ask you how you found such an affordable apartment in this area, and maybe you're able to tell me where you live ( not online of course)? Having children in Taiwan is expensive , especially since our son is now 6, and I would like to find something bigger ( ours is tiny) but affordable, with our having to move too far. Everything that I look at is expensive. Thanks :)