November Expenses

Life in Taipei has been a lot of fun but it can get expensive very fast if we're not careful...

Review of Christmasland in New Taipei City 2018

If you're a foreigner living in Asia, then Christmas can be a bit different. But there are festivities here...

The Cost of Moving to Taiwan: The First Month

How much does it cost to move a family overseas? One important question to consider when moving abroad is: How much will this international move cost?

How to compare cost of living between countries

Will I spend more money in Taiwan compared to my home country? Less money?

Toy bank - aka the Taipei City Parenting Resource Center

Those of you who are parents probably know that kids tire of toys very quickly. So the Taipei city government has this great resource for parents with kids ages 0-6 years old, the toy rental bank!

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ESL activity for the very young: animals - 3 little pigs

Recently we started an English club for the families at our apartment complex and the kids are very young or beginning levels of English. Here are the activities that we have done:

Duck, duck goose
This is a great game to get the kids energy out and to learn the simple words: duck and goose

Guess the animal
The kids got to pick an aminal flashcard to act it out and let the other kids guess

3 little pigs role play
The kids got to do the role play with masks that I made while koala narrated the story of the 3 little pigs

Bonus game:
Big bad wolf - what time is it