November Expenses

Life in Taipei has been a lot of fun but it can get expensive very fast if we're not careful...

Review of Christmasland in New Taipei City 2018

If you're a foreigner living in Asia, then Christmas can be a bit different. But there are festivities here...

The Cost of Moving to Taiwan: The First Month

How much does it cost to move a family overseas? One important question to consider when moving abroad is: How much will this international move cost?

How to compare cost of living between countries

Will I spend more money in Taiwan compared to my home country? Less money?

Toy bank - aka the Taipei City Parenting Resource Center

Those of you who are parents probably know that kids tire of toys very quickly. So the Taipei city government has this great resource for parents with kids ages 0-6 years old, the toy rental bank!

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Homeschool resources: Elementary school math and STEM

So I was looking at some resources for math provided by Taiwan's Ministry of Education and wanted to share just in case anyone is curious and able to understand instructions in Chinese. 

Apparently, kids are suppose to be able to count from 1-100 in grade 1, know simple addition and subtraction, time of the week, day and some basic money knowledge. 

Here's the link from the MOE from different education printing press:

一年級 | 均一教育平台 (

Here's the link from an online learning resource:

LearnMode 學習吧

Here's the link for learning code for preschoolers:

兒童月專區 (

Here's the link for learning code for other grades:

Bonus: Here's a good explanation of scratch in English

Homeschool resources: Learning zhuyin or the Taiwan version of Pinyin

 So recently our kids have had to learn Zhuyin and so I've been trying to dig up the resources that are available to teach them this online as I myself know learned pinyin. 

What's the difference and what are these strange symbols you ask? 

So basically, the bopomofo, or zhu yin in Taiwan, and pinyin in mainland China are the phonetic system used to help with the pronunciation of Chinese words. In Taiwan, zhu yin are symbols and in the mainland, it's pretty much like the English alphabet.

Someone else did a good job of explaining this so you can consult (I got the image from them) them:

But here are the free resources I found from the Ministry of Education for zhuyin 

There's a company that did songs for all the zhuyin

 An awesome dad explains the story with zhuyin in drawings here:

Another one is similar but the zhuyin are animated characters here:

One of the major education printing companies has these videos that kids need to spell out zhuyin for the story:

If you need a very simple ye olden video on how to pronounce and write zhuyin, here's the MOE's videos:

一年級 | 均一教育平台 (

Here are some online books:

Homeschool resources: online learning for elementary school in Taiwan

 We have been trying to teach our kids with various resources to prepare them for elementary school here and here are some of what I found.

These are the starting page for everything Taipei provides in terms of online learning:

防疫不停學陪伴孩子在家安心學,均一 x 學習吧 ft.PaGamO,從教學到測驗,師生最可靠的智慧助教 (

Then there's gamified learning:

Here's my source page for where I found all this: