Travel adventures: Taichung

 It's been a while since we were last in Taichung so we went with a group of families via car to Taichung's 木匠兄妹 Carpenter Woodcraft studio and An eco lifestyle (赤腳丫生態農莊) farm.

Here's the entrance to the carpenter's woodcraft studio. The entrance fee is 150 for 7 years old and above. We had to show ID that our kids were 5 and 6. 

Here's the studio room where you can choose your own DIY project and a personnel will help you through it at the tables.

We just went to the outdoor play areas where there were wood toys and a big sand pit. 

Here's the Instagram corner where you can use a tag to take pictures.

Next we went to the eco lifestyle farm. We ordered lunch at the restaurant on the farm and everything was really fresh.


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