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Taiwanese 3 cups chicken in instant pot

Recently we got a great deal on an instant pot. I've always wanted one of these but we had too many cooking appliances in America. Since coming to Taiwan, the ingredients are a bit different and our schedules require a bit more hands-off dishes. So I'll share some recipes.

The Taiwanese classic dish is 3 cups chicken or in Chinese 三杯雞  Sān bēi jī

This version for the instant pot is in Chinese ( so here's the English translation:
If you don't have an instant pot, this is supposed to be a good recipe with youtube video available here in English:

1 package of chicken (recipe said 14 pieces that are already cut up)
Ginger - 5 slices
Garlic - 2 cloves - mashed/pressed
Sesame oil - 20 ml or 1 cup

1 cup rice wine
1 cup soy sauce
3 TB of sugar (I used brown)

1. Put in chicken pieces in boiling water to rinse (aka skim the scum)
2. Put the instant pot on the "no water" setting for ribs, put in the sesame oil and ginger
3. Put the rinsed chicken in with garlic
4. Put in the sauce, you can put the lid on or off here. (I usually put it on)
5. Wait until the pot tells you it is ready.

Here's what my pieces looked like:

It was a big hit - definitely "koalaty" tested:

Now I'm on the lookout for some good ribs and soup recipes.