Novel coronavirus: what we do to protect ourselves from the Covid 19

So there's a lot of information out there for things you can do to protect against the Covid-19. As a mom of a child whose immune system seems to be compromised (our son has been hospitalized twice for pneumonia before the coronavirus) we take some extra steps but here's a breakdown of what we do personally.

1. Wash hands - this is the most important one as your hands can transfer the virus from a contaminated surface when you touch your mouth, eyes, nose or any other open surfaces to get into the body. We wash our hands whenever we go out, before we eat, after playing with toys, sneezing, coughing etc. But you have to make sure to scrub all areas of the hands for at least 20 seconds, which is the ABC song. Also, be sure to dry the hands really well. I make my kids sing the ABC song and now my kids know their ABCs really well. I finally realize the tune of ABC is twinkle twinkle little star after singing it so many times.

2. Limit going out to once a day - we try to schedule our going out time to just once every day at non-peak hours such as around noontime on mass transit if we need to go anywhere further than our local park. Going anywhere crowded like the mass transit, we all wear masks.
My packing list for going out includes: alcohol-based hand sanitizers, sprays, and wipes as kids touch everything and there's not usually a bathroom nearby, tissues for drying hands or when I forget to pack gloves and need to open non-automatic doors, disposable gloves or a used pen for pressing elevator buttons, soap for when there are bathrooms but no soap, small plastic bags for trash as there are not very many trash bins here in Taiwan. Extra masks for if I'm not vigilante and the kids throw away their masks.

3. Hang out at non-crowded venues - it's easier to do social distancing at non-crowded places such as a hiking trail or a big park. It's next to impossible to try to keep little kids indoors all the time as the apartments here are small, so we're fortunate that there's a major park nearby within walking distance where we are able to go exercise and let out some energy. But those of you with bigger houses or yards shouldn't have a problem.

4. Take a bath when coming indoors - we've now made it a routine to take a bath whenever we get back inside from wherever we've been. We'll also wash our clothes with the hottest water we can find possible and use antimicrobial soap. We keep a stack of garbage bags near the door where we can deposit and bag things that have been outdoors to try to keep it from getting indoors. My husband and I will also make sure to wipe down our phones with alcohol wipes.

5. Order goods online - we've made sure that ordering online at the grocery store that deliveries work for us. Taiwanese apartments are rather small so there's not a lot of room for extra appliances like an extra freezer like we used to have in the U.S. But living in a city is convenient that you can order from major grocery stores to deliver and there are equivalent to Amazon here in Taiwan.

6. Have a stock of indoor materials on hand - for days that we might have to stay indoors to keep the kids entertained. I'll have to write another blog post on what I've found to be helpful.

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  1. "Extra masks for if I'm not vigilante and the kids throw away their masks." You made me laugh :)