Travel adventures: Kenting

So we get a 4 day break and since I've started work we took it for a family vacation to Kenting.

We didn't realize that the railroads don't follow their 10 days before to order tickets rule when it comes to national holidays. So we totally missed out on the slower railway tickets that are cheaper but did manage to get a high speed rail ticket.

Here's the adjusted schedule for 2019:
Notice they do not follow the 10 day ahead ordering schedule. We rode the HSR to Zuoying and got off to take the kenting express bus (9189). If you get the round trip, it would 600NT, a one-way is 400NT but you can use a EZ card or the metro card from Taipei (which is what we used). The HSR took about 2 hours and the bus was around 2 hours (google thought we'd have a ton of traffic so predicted 5 hours for the bus).

We orderd our room on agoda with Bay View Inn as they were only 5 minutes away from the beach at Nanwan that we wanted to go.

Apparently this was good spot for surfing. We saw many surfers here. The weather was perfect that first day that we were there with being not too sunny/hot and not too cold.

 Our kids loved playing in the sand, which was really smooth and soft.
That’s pretty much allwe did for our vacation.

Here's our son looking over the beach.

For food we mostly did 7-11 as everything was tourist priced but we did go into the kenting night market and eat korean BBQ. 

For the way back we did the bus and then the slow train. 

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