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Toy bank - aka the Taipei City Parenting Resource Center

Those of you who are parents probably know that kids tire of toys very quickly. So the Taipei city government has this great resource for parents with kids ages 0-6 years old, the toy rental bank!

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How to find nanny in Taipei or childcare in Taiwan in general

 After seeing a lot of blog posts with broken links or references to the mythical yellow pages, I've put together a list of the pages and sites that have helped me to find childcare/nanny here in Taiwan.

The majority of the resources are going to be in the local language so it is probably best to view their pages on a desktop computer/laptop to get google translate to work. So far we are not affiliates of these sites so you can be sure they're just my opinions.

Also, please note these are not affiliate links, I get no money for recommending these resources. 

Taipei City Childcare Resource Center

Update: 11/2022 - so they took out the English part of the site and now have a different address so you definitely need a friend who reads Chinese to navigate the site:

Previous: is supposed to be the go-to resource from the government if you're looking for child care in Taipei. It is also supposed to be in multiple languages, but I've found that most of the sites it links to are in Chinese so again, turn the website translation on or have a friend who knows Chinese call up the centers for you. 

Update: 11/2022: The previous map is now replaced by this;

On the tab "Family Childcare Personnel" > Search for childminder leads to the Taipei City childcare matchmaking platform ( which again, utilizes the website translator or a friend who can help you click and call up the child care centers or the nanny themselves.

If you scroll to the bottom, on the left is the map of Taipei by the district that you can click on to see the available nanny.

Peng Wan-Ru foundation –

This is one of the sites listed by the Taipei Childcare Resource Center above but just wanted to give it special attention as they also help with getting moms re-integrated into the workforce with additional services of house cleaning, helping with the elderly. Unfortunately, it’s all in Chinese so you’ll have to use translation. They’re also not available in all districts of Taipei but they do have other locations throughout Taiwan.

Bananny –

Bananny is a nanny match making platform also that’s operated by a private company and I believe although registration is free there is a fee to contact the nannies on the platform.

My favorite part of bananny is their blog that has useful information like pricing of nannies by cities in Taiwan:

Something similar to Bananny we've recently discovered is babysits:

Facebook groups:

If you type in the words: (city name)保母

Groups like this should appear:

Although all posts are in Chinese so you’d need to get a friend to help to read or make a post searching for a nanny in your specific area.

I found my nanny through one of these Facebook groups but had to go to several different nanny’s houses.

So when looking for a nanny, the difference in fees you see in bananny’s post is that there are some who will come to your house (到府) and there are some who needs you to drop off your child at her house for in-home care(在宅). Basically, the one coming to your house will be more expensive as they won’t be able to care for multiple children at their own homes and there’s also travel time.

But if you’re looking for a pre-school or child care center you might have to type these chinese words into google and look around your neighborhood on foot:



The government also has a site that you can check for preschool/kindergartens with information on how many kids are in the school and the prices in your area, but you'll need a friend who knows mandarin to help:

基本資料查詢-全國教保資訊網 (

Or you can always go the old fashioned way and ask for recommendations from friends or on Facebook groups that you are already a part of.

Also, a bonus Facebook group for busy moms is the: Cleaning jobs in Taiwan where you can find someone to come and clean the house

If you have kids under 6, another free resource you might want to look into is the toy bank run by Taipei city government, I review it here:

Let me know other things you might want to know or have found helpful in the comments.