Toy bank - aka the Taipei City Parenting Resource Center

Those of you who are parents probably know that kids tire of toys very quickly. So we found out that the Taipei city government has this great resource for parents with kids ages 0-6 years old: the toy rental bank! Also known as the "Taipei City Parenting Resource Center."

It is located right outside of the Shandao MRT station (exit 5) on the blue line.
捷運善導寺站5號出口 Here's the page with the location in Chinese

The building is very baby stroller friendly. The toy bank is on the third floor, but there is an elevator that will take you and your stroller right up. They are open Tuesday-Sunday 9:30-12:30 and 14:00-1700. Similar to other government play centers, they are closed on Mondays and national holidays.

Similar to a library, you need to register to get a barcode to borrow toys. Families can borrow two toys per child and keep the borrowed toys for two weeks. There is also the option to go online to extend that time by one more week but I have not figured out how to do that yet.

The toy bank's website says you can register online to get your barcode but when I tried to enter our passport and then ARC (Alien Resident Card) numbers none of it worked so we had to go in to register ourselves. The first time you borrow toys, you will need an identification card (passport/ARC) to confirm your child's age. You do have to return the toys during the toy bank's operating hours listed above.

For foreigners, the people at the toy bank are more used to those who come in with passports as it took a while for us to get our barcode with our ARCs.

There are many shelves lined up with various toys:

There are also toys at the toy bank for kids to play with when the parents are browsing through the toys. If you are there on weekday mornings, there won't be too many people such as when we took this photo we almost had the whole place to ourselves.

Our kids had a great time, and we came away with our two toys (each child can rent up to two).

They also welcome donation of toys in good condition.

It has been a while since we've been there but here's an updated video so you get a better idea of the place:


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