Travel Adventures: Pinglin's Tea Museum

 Living in Taiwan, we didn't realize that tea was a major export and Taiwan has some really great teas. We also didn't realize that we lived close to an area where tea is planted and harvested. 

Also that there was a tea museum in the vicinity.

Getting off from the bus (we took it from Xindian station) I think you have to turn left and go pass the library and keep going until you see the signs pointing to Pinglin's old stree.

The street vendors haven't started selling their wares yet in the morning.

The tea museum had some good exhibitions showing how tea is made once it gets plucked and this wheel of what flavors the tea is based on the wheel for coffee flavors? I still have yet to figure out what exactly this flavor wheel does.
But on the way back, we missed the bus so had to head over to a different bus station. The 923 is the faster bus that goes by the highway while the green 12 that we took to get home tends to take longer. 

That's it for now. We really love everything tea-related here in Taiwan. 


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