Novel coronavirus: masks for the non-medical personnel

So it seems the great mask-wearing debate has come to a conclusion as the World Health Organization finally admitted that “We can certainly see circumstances on which the use of masks, both home-made and cloth masks, at the community level may help with an overall comprehensive response to this disease.”

So here's the tutorial from Hong Kong scientists for those who are looking to make their own masks:

Materials: paper towel roll, strong tissue paper, elastic bands, a hole punch, paper tape, scissors, plastic-coated steel wire, a pair of glasses, plastic file folders and binder clips.

For the mask:
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and clean your items
Put one piece of paper towel, with proper hygiene, on top of another
Place a piece of tissue paper, which will act as the bottom layer of the mask, on top of the two pieces of the paper towel
Cut the stack of paper into two
Use the paper tape to seal off the two sides of the mask
Make two holes at each sealed side with the punch
Attach the metallic wire with paper tape to the top edge of the mask to make the nose bridge wire
Tie four rubber bands through the holes on the mask’s sides

For the protective shield:
Cut the file folder into two pieces
Attach one piece on the edge of the glasses with binder clips
The shield can be reused after disinfection for each usage
Note: The hospital said other materials such as cling film, air conditioner filter paper, and cotton cloth were not suitable for making the masks.

Homemade face shield:
Materials: hard hat, plastic sheeting

The CDC came out with some patterns also and a recommendation to put coffee filter inside the mask:

If you can sew, here's a fancy version:

If you're wondering what types of cloth to use, ones with 180 counts, when you can't see the light when holding them up, like batik work better than cotton.

If you can't sew or can't find elastic or hair ties, a friend of mine has a solution with bandana and shoelace that only takes a minute:


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