Travel adventures: Yilan

We had to stay in the country over Chinese New Years so we went off to Yilan for a 2 night stay.

Yilan is very easy to get to from Taipei. We took the 9028B Luodong bus at the MTC Bus at Dapinglin station. From exit 1 (handicap accessible) or exit 4, head north and you'll run into the bus station with the green buses. We took this bus as we were staying at a Minsu (home stay) that's like a bed and breakfast in other parts of the world that was located close to the Luodong night market and the forestry park.

Here they are at the home stay

We went to the forestry park

We also took them to the kids friendly restaurant across from the park.

I think the kids had a great time.

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  1. Hi, I was born and grew up in Yilan, I feel so emotional All I can say is that you impressed me by picking out these locations to visit for your Yilan trip like a pro! I used to live in a small township called Sanxing under Taiping mountain with amazing feng shui bedroom house on mountains., by which you must pass to get to the only entrance of forest recreation area. Our family went up to Jiuzhize hot spring every weekend in the winter when it was not that well known. I started feeling a pang of homesickness in Boston Now!. Love this place.